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Thank You Law Enforcement Belvidere IL & Boone County

MTC would like to say Thank You to all our City & County Law Enforcement (Belvidere, IL & Boone County)!

We appreciate everything you do for us.  Law Enforcement sees people at their worst.  Through it all, you must be calm, brave, and helpful.  Above all, you help protect us and make a difference in everyone’s lives.  Let us reassure you that this community is extremely appreciated and grateful for risking your lives to help others.  That is an extremely precious gift you give every day.

Thank You For All You Do!

MTC Belvidere IL Law Enforcement
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Secure Conference Room Equipment – CableTether

Do you struggle with the problem of conference room equipment disappearing?  If you are like many IT professionals this is a serious problem that not only costs the company money but many hours of wasted time.  Highly recommend checking out CableTether.com.  It takes just seconds to install with basic pliers.  And no, you don’t […]

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Social Media Etiquette for Recent Graduates

First of all, congratulations to all the upcoming and recent graduates! The hard work of school is now behind you and a new set of challenges await. After the resume gets polished, the next step should be to look at social media in a new light. Staying active online can help […]

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What is the “Cloud”?

What is the “Cloud”?  – Greg Masanz (Masanz Technical Consulting)

The latest buzz word on the Internet is the “Cloud”, but what exactly is it?  Rest assured it has nothing to do with the weather.

We can all relate to the feeling of leaving an important item at home before a big event and wondering, if […]

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Get to Know Me: Greg Masanz

“Get to Know Me” published in the Rockford Register Star 2-9-13.


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High Tech Visions of the Future

Microsoft is helping the public understand where technology is headed in the future in a new video posted on their website recently. The video is a fascinating 5-minute look into how the latest developments in technology today will possibly appear in tomorrow’s workplace.

The video from Microsoft gives us a glimpse into a day in […]

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Make use of that “Windows” key on your keyboard!

Win+Home minimizes/restores all open windows except the active window

Win+M minimizes everything

Win+L locks your PC

For more visit:  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Keyboard-shortcuts

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iOS 5 available Oct 12th

Update your Apple products to iOS 5 tomorrow (Oct 12th)! Click the link below for all new features.


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Steve Jobs Tribute

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Windows 8 Preview!

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