Social Media

First of all, congratulations to all the upcoming and recent graduates! The hard work of school is now behind you and a new set of challenges await. After the resume gets polished, the next step should be to look at social media in a new light. Staying active online can help you keep in touch with friends, let everyone know the positive person you are, and even land your first job.

Just remember your friends are not the only ones looking at your profile. Checking a perspective employee’s social media presence has become fairly routine for many employers and some have gone as far as asking for your username and password! Don’t let the keg stand photo ruin your chances for a great job.
A few questions to ask yourself before posting online…

• Will I be OK with anyone seeing this?
• Is this something I would tell my boss first day on the job?
• Am I using social media to vent or as an emotional release?
• Is the photo online embarrassing in anyway?
• Could my post be considered political or offending to someone?

So you’re probably asking yourself, what can be done to ensure I don’t look “bad” on the Internet? One of the easiest things to do is Google your name. View the search the results, do you like what you see? Alternatively, there are sites like that can help you improve your online image. It will allow you to grade your current search results and mark them as positive, negative, or flag that it’s not you. After completed, you’ll get a search result grade and tips on how to improve to your liking.

In summary, just remember there is a rapidly growing impact of social media that is affecting many aspects of our lives. Create a positive online image that accurately represents you, just like in life. While employers might be looking at your profile page for warning signs, don’t forget it’s also a great way to highlight the awesome individual you are. After all, isn’t it all about the “Like”?

– Greg Masanz,